EMT Paramedic Job Description

emergency medical technician emtWe often watch movies and admire the fast 911 police service. This police service is often accompanied with the EMT paramedics who are trained to perform the most difficult pre-hospital medical procedures. Whether those incidents are automobile accidents, drowning, childbirth, heart attacks or gunshot wounds they all require urgent medical attention. The EMTs and paramedics are here to provide this medical attention and they are here to transport the victim to the medical facility. They are trained to give medical attention in the patient’s homes, on field and during transport. To make sure their work goes smoothly they must follow strict rules and guidelines. The EMTs and paramedics use special equipment to immobilize patients before they place them on stretchers and secure them for transport.

We know that a day doesn’t pass without a drop of a human life in the hands of the EMT’s and paramedics. Beyond these great services of the EMT lies the qualification and training they must complete. The NREM (National Registry of Emergency Medical) has divided the emergency medical providers in four levels: first responder, EMT-basis, EMT intermediate and EMT-Paramedic. The first responder is trained to provide only basic emergency medical care and as the levels go up, the medical providers are trained to do more complicated services.

EMT Paramedic Job Description;

Training and Qualifications

A formal training is needed to become an EMT or a paramedic. A high school diploma is required to enter the formal training program. Regardless in which state you live, you will have to pass the certification procedure. Even if you pass the certification procedure you must reregister every 2 years. That is why you must start working as an EMT or paramedic. The training requirements vary from state to state, but as you continue the training you may reach the highest EMT or paramedic level and learn the equipment usage as well as the field practice. EMT and paramedics who have long years of experience and more advanced practice may become supervisors, operation managers, or administrative directors.

Salary & Earnings

The jobs employment for EMTs and paramedics is always going to grow more and more because of the increased population and urbanization. The most important indicator for increased job employment is that the full-time paid EMT and paramedics have replaced the unpaid volunteers.

The earnings of EMTs and paramedics vary on the employment settings and geographic locations as well as the training and experience. The average earnings of EMTs and paramedics were $25,310 in May 2004. The lowest 10% earned less than $16,090 and the highest more than $43,240. Because of the irregular working hours, regardless of their salary income, most EMT’s and paramedics stream to continue their education and become registered nurse, physicians or other health workers. Those EMT’s and paramedics who work in the emergency service and who are part of fire and police departments may receive the same benefits as police officers or firefighters. They may fulfil their retirement plans much earlier, for example after 20 or 25 years of service.

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