Healthcare Job Description

Healthcare Job Descriptions

Health workers may enjoy the benefits of increased job employment in the following 2014. Healthcare job description; This is due to the tougher immigration rules that are slowing the numbers of foreign care workers that move into the U.S. Wage and salary employment in the healthcare industry and the large number of expected retirements this year.

We know that it was hard to find a decent job in the past years, but now that is about to change. According to the newest studies made in 2013, they inform us that between 2004 and 2014, 3.5 million new wage and salary jobs were created in the health care and other industries. This number of created jobs for the health care workers is only about to grow in the following 2014. They say that the diagnosing and treating practitioners are one of the most wanted professions because they are the most educated workers.

healthcare job description

Healthcare Jobs

The quick respond to the needs of millions of people, the US age of the newest medical technology has brought us 545,000 establishments that make up the health care industry. These numbers may vary greatly in the terms of size, organizational structures and patterns. Almost 76% which is the largest percent of the health care establishments have been achieved by the offices of the physicians, dentists and the other health practitioners. The hospitals are the major employers of health care workers and yet they constitute only 2% of all health care establishments. They employ 40% of all health care workers.

Most of the jobs for the health care workers can be found in the private industry. Nearly 92% percent of the wage and salary jobs were made by the private health sectors and on the opposite, the rest of the wage and salary jobs are from the State and local government hospitals. The self –employed and unpaid family workers were from the offices of dentists, physicians as well as from many other health practitioners. The huge number of 282,000 of self-employed people out of 411,000 was surprising in the past year.

List Of Healthcare & Nursing Job Descriptions;

— Houston Nursing Jobs

—  Registered Nurse (RN)

—  Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)

—  Nurse Aide/Home Health Aide (CNA)

—  Audiologist

—  Chiropractor

—  Dental Assistant

—  Dental Hygienist

—  Dentist

—  Dietician/Nutritionist

—  Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic

—  Laboratory Technician

—  Massage Therapist

—  Medical Assistant

—  Occupational Therapy Assistant/Aide

—  Occupational Therapist

—  Optician

—  Optometrist

—  Personal Trainer

—  Pharmacist

— Pharmacy Technician

Physical Therapist

— Physical Therapy Assistant/Aide

Physician & Surgeon Job

— Physician Assistant

— Podiatrist

— Psychologist

— Respiratory Therapist

— Social Worker

You can find a job throughout the country, but jobs are concentrated in the largest States such as: New York, California, Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania. The health care workers are more likely to remain in the same occupation and put a high level of education and training that is required from many health care companied. That is why they tend to be much older than the workers in the other industries.


Aside from the new retirements and the tougher immigration politic towards the entering of the foreign workers, the employments growth is expected to account for about 3.6 million new wage and salary jobs. This is what you would call an increased 27% wage and salary employment throughout the new 2014. The projected rates of the employment growth in the other industries means that the hospitals will get 13 percent (11 percent higher than in the past years), which is the smallest or slowest part of the growing industry segment, and the other 69% will belong to the small home health care services.