How To Become A Registered Nurse (RN)

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Nursing is the most rewarding career, nursing when combined with passion and talent brings out the best of a nurse.  Has it reached that point in time when you have opted to take up nursing as a career and you are wondering how to go about it? What is nursing? Below are ways to start up your nursing career.

It is important to know which type of nurse you want to become, research on various nursing options to analyze which one is best suit for you.
Research on the college that offers the best training for nurses, this makes the degree and diploma you attain strong and recognized by the Association of nurses, you can take up a General Education Development class to enable you get nursing basics. This course requires you to have passed chemistry, physiology and biology; it helps build a firm foundation in the path of your nursing career. Do not be discouraged if in the first classes you fail to grab the whole concept, it is constant practice and even hiring a tutor that will help you have a different view of the subjects.

Various types of nurses careers can be pursued in three different ways;

Get an associate degree of nursing – This is a course that takes three years before you graduate, the cost is not constant as different universities charge different rates. A degree course normally covers more of social programs than nursing. It helps to understand the Registered Nurse RN job descriptions and you may want to know about nurse salaries and how much a nurse earns.

Second means is finishing associates degree in nursing; this is a course that takes a maximum of three years. One can also get a diploma from an accredited institution; a student pursuing nursing can only be licensed after taking up a vocation training program.

Take up a National Council Licensure Examination Registered Nurse also known as NCLEXRN. This is an exam usually taken up by registered nurses, before enrolling to this test it is mandatory to have completed two to three types of nursing exams. It is important to present the necessary documentation proving your certification before sitting for the exams.

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Other Skills that you should possess are;

  • Good communications skills, being a nurse revolves around communication, it is important to know how to listen to patients and how to pass on message so that there is not misunderstanding while communicating.
  • You should be strong as this is a career that you are more likely to witness torn out bodies, running fluids brought about by injuries that have been accrued by patients.
  • Learn to contain your exposure as most of the times you will have to pass on information to the family and if your composure is not stable it might result to the wrong reaction by the families
  • It is important to have some compassion, all patients are scared of any type of pain they might experience, a good nurse assures them that it is going to be okay
  • Work as a team, in a situation that you are not familiar with it is only vital to seek some advice from other doctors so as to avoid making a mistake. Team work is essential in the nursing career as the exchange of ideas enlightens the nurses on various approaches they should give to different situations.

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