Medical Procedures

medical nurses

From day to day it is important for certain medical procedures to take place during your work life at hospital. Being familiar with these procedures is the first step towards being prepared for your job ahead. There are a vast array of procedures that are performed and during your nursing career you will come to learn more and more methods, as technologies and new techniques become available for these procedures.

As a nurse you are charged with the responsibility to provide the best care possible to your patients. Perfecting your medical procedures is an important step to achieving the success you desire in the healthcare industry. We have provided below a list of various procedures that are performed on a semi regular to regular basis, and it is our aim to be helpful with the information we serve to you. If you want more information on any other procedures not listed here, please email us on our contact form and let us know what it is you want included. We don’t promise to include other information necessarily but if we have many wanting contributions of the same type of material, we will provide it on our site.

The below list outlines many different types of medical procedures that may be performed. Please understand these pages are for informational purposes only. You should not attempt a medical procedure on a patient unless you have the appropriate medical qualifications in that field.


1.) What is Cardioversion?

2.) Central Line & Central Venous Catheter

3.) Chest Tube Insertion

4. How To Read An ECG/EKG

5.) IM (Intramuscular) Injection

6.) What Is BLS?

7.) Botox Injection

8.) What Is Endotracheal Intubation?

9.) Intradermal Injection

10.) IV Insertion

11.) NG Nasogastric Tube Insertion