Pharmacist Job Description

What is a Pharmacist?

A pharmacist job description can be explained as a medical professional who is educated and possesses the right to dispense drugs to patients prescribed by their physician or from other clinician. The pharmacist knows the chemistry of all drugs that he is selling and how these drugs may affect the human body. They also know how these drugs may interact with each other. Before dispensing each medicine the pharmacist must measure, pack and ensure that the right dose will be administered properly to the patient. A pharmacists’ job is not just to give the prescribed medication to the patients; his job is to advise them how to use the particular medication and which reactions and problems they must avoid.

pharmacist job womanEducation and training

All college graduated pharmacists are required to have a doctorate in Pharmacy degree or PharmD. First they must complete successfully a two years of undergraduate coursework in pharmacy and pass the pharmacy college admission test. The pharmacy coursework is about introducing the students with pharmacy and learning about pharmacy and pre-pharmacy which includes subjects like chemistry, biology, anatomy, physiology and physics. After completing the coursework, students may start with the four years pharmacy program.

Those students who want to earn the PharmD are required to complete several rotations of clinical and pharmaceutical settings. During the PharmD program each student must complete 7 to 10 rotations, and each rotation is 4-6 weeks in length.

Students who are aware that they want to become pharmacists during their college career may spare some time and graduate with a PharmD in approximately six years. Most students have not decided until they finish their college and that is why most of them complete their pharmacist college after eight years.

Pharmacist’s salary

The median expected salary for a pharmacist for the year 2014 in the United States is $122,358. A pharmacists’ median pay in 2010 was $111,570 a year. This means that he earned $53.64 an hour. In 2010 there were 274,900 positions opened for a pharmacist job. This number is expected to expand nearly 25% from 2010 to 2020. This expansion of jobs is expected to add approximately 69,700 new jobs for pharmacists all across the U.S. The pharmacists’ salaries may vary from country to country. You may do your research before you accept the job offer. The numbers vary from $85,000 a year to &135,000 a year depending in which city you are located. Here is a list of some cities and how much you can earn working as a pharmacist in those:

  • Pharmacist’ salary in Alabama- $117,000
  • Pharmacist’ salary in Alaska- $97,000
  • Pharmacist’ salary in Samoa- $124,000
  • Pharmacist’ salary in Arizona- $101,000
  • Pharmacist’ salary in Arkansas- $113,000
  • Pharmacist’ salary in California- $126,000
  • Pharmacist’ salary in Colorado- $101,000
  • Pharmacist’ salary in Connecticut- $124,000
  • Pharmacist’ salary in Delaware- $107,000

What’s not to like about this job?

Doing the same thing for about 15 years and for the same pay is exactly what’s not to like about the pharmacist job. You have to stand on your feet all day and your work will be pretty much repetitive.










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