Physician & Surgeon Job Description

Most physicians prefer to work in small practices.  They are often found to be accompanied by a small number of nurses or other healthcare workers and administrative personnel. They work full- time and some of them even work more than 60 hours a week. Physicians and surgeons must complete their formal education, training requirements and practice in order to be eligible to work. They are well paid and unlike the other professions they have many job opportunities, especially in the rural areas. Those who are new physicians are less likely to enter into the solo practice and are more likely to be employed in clinics, hospitals, group medical practices and other health networks. The below information describes the Physician & surgeon job description;

Job Information

physician and surgeons workEvery day physicians and surgeons hold someone’s life in their hands. Physicians and surgeons diagnose illnesses, administer treatments, prescribe drugs, and help injured people. In order to give the right diagnosis they must examine all their patients first, look through their family history of illnesses, obtain all medical histories and perform various tests related to their patients conditions. After they have learned the whole clinical picture they have to counsel patients about hygiene, eating habits and everything related to their preventive health care.

There are various types of physicians, including: anesthesiologists, pediatricians, internal medicine specialists, gynecologists, family and general practitioners, psychiatrists and surgeons.

Work conditions

Most physicians, whether they are ob/gyns, family practitioner, general internists or physiatrists prefer to work in private offices or small clinics. They are often accompanied by a small number of nurses and other healthcare workers.

Unlike physicians, the surgeons and anesthesiologists work in sterile environments which must be well-lighted while they perform surgery. Most surgeons work in surgical outpatient centers and hospitals. The nature of their work requires over 50 hours a week and night shifts. Both, surgeons and physicians must travel from their office and hospital to provide care for their patients. Many of them work on call in order to provide immediate visit to hospitals.

Physician & Surgeon Qualifications

The effort and education that surgeons and physicians put in, is outstanding. They need to finish 4 years of undergraduate school, four years of medical school and 3-8 years of internship and practice which may vary from the specialty they have selected. Only a few medical schools prefer to combine the undergraduate and medical school programs together, which will take 6 years instead of the regular 8 years of education.

Jobs & Salaries

Most physicians and surgeons are self- employed and not incorporated. The others prefer to work in private offices or private hospitals. Their employment is expected to grow faster than average though 2014. This rapid growth is due to the continued expansion of the healthcare industries. The earnings of the physicians and surgeons are definitely among the highest of all occupations. The anesthesiologists are the highest paid among the other professions; they earn $321,686 and after the anesthesiologists are the surgeons with median income of $282,504. Lowest paid among these professions are the general family practitioners with median income of about $156,010.

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