Registered Nurse RN Job Description

registered nurse RN jobsRegistered nurses are represented as a health care educators and advocates for patients. They help and educate the people to prevent illness, and they help the ill or injured patients to cope with and overcome the present illness. Their position can be risky, because they come in close contact with all kinds of diseased or injured patients. They can be on risk to get some potential infection, or to be in contact with some hazardous medications, substances and drugs. That is why they need to guard themselves from any potential dangers, diseases, radiation or accidents in the working place by following the standard strict guidelines for safe work supplied by the employer. Their daily job duties and responsibilities vary from the type of the patients needs, and from the place of the nursing practice. They are valued members of the health care team they work with. So what is nursing then? To understand the various types of nurses, a registered nurse RN job description is detailed as follows;

Education and training

Becoming a registered nurse requires completing a nursing program at university, or college. After the approximately three years training you will get an associate degree in nursing, and after passing the national license examination you will obtain a nursing license that is necessary for a job application.  With the bachelor’s science degree in nursing, which takes approximately four years, additional education and clinical experience in nonhospital settings is included. There are also master degree studies available, and these programs can be entered after completing the bachelor’s program. Certification of nurses is voluntary, and the licensing is usually obtained after completing the examination that may vary depending on the state.

Working and advancement

Most of the registered nurses work in the public sector in hospitals and health care facilities, although they can travel to the patient’s homes, or schools, and many different centers and sites. There is a small number of nurses that work in private homes, or facilities, or they can be employed in other healthcare companies.  They care for the sick and injured and they are directly involved with the patient’s suffering, so that is why they need to be able to overcome the pressure and stress in the working place which can be exhausting. Depending on the level of education and experience the registered nurses have, they can advance in the field, and from their expertise, good performance and specialty the annual salary may vary up to $80,000. They are working full day, rotating shifts that cover 24h, and sometimes they need to work nights, weekends, holidays, and they need to be prepared to work on call, or to travel during working hours. Depending on the working place they can be working in regular business hours, and don’t take night shifts or weekends, also some of the nurses are working only part time.

Nurse Salary

The median annual salary for registered nurse in 2012 was $65,470 or $31.48 per hour. The employment for this occupation is projected to grow in the next ten years for 19% faster than the average of all occupations. This growth is due to the bigger demand of health care services, and higher rates of chronic conditions.

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