What Is Nursing?

Nursing is the optimization, protection and promotion of general health. It is the responsibility of a nurse to help in prevention of injuries and illness in children, to alleviate suffering from an injured person through early diagnosis and to specialize in care of families.  This can be through occasional checkups and advice of patients on how they can take good care of their health, and advice individuals, populations and communities in case there is a breakdown, this helps to bring awareness and advise them on various preventive measures they should take. You can even read different types of nurses

Nursing Duties

Nurses have various different types of duties – You can read about the Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) Job Descriptions here, and the further qualified, Registered Nurse (RN) Job Descriptions

  • They do counseling, education of various common health issues that can be ignored and do health promotions.
  • They check up the health histories of their patients and are empowered to carry out a physical exam.
  • They analyze and interpret the provided information of patients and are empowered to make a critical decision on which action they should take.
  • Nurses have the ability to supervise, direct the care that is been given by their junior staff, this includes Nurse Aides and LPNs.
  • They collaborate with other health professionals to exchange various ideas on how they can tackle different health issues.
  • Nurses directs on the medication a patient should be given, they are responsible of taking care of their patients wounds and have the power to intervene on other hospital personnel work.
  • A nurse has the mandate of researching on various ways they can improve their patient’s results.
  • There are nurses who work as consultants in insurance, legal or healthcare sectors. They are allowed to work on part time basis or full time. 


what is nursing? Registerd nurseHow To Become A Registered Nurse

A nurse salary is great, particularly in Houston area. A nurse also is allowed to practice on any of the below places;

1.  Cruising ships – A ship takes more than one month to reach its final destination, due to the unfamiliar habitation it is more likely for people to a get sick, a nurse is able to treat them and stabilize their condition as they travel, this helps in reducing death while cruising.

2.  Clinic – this is the first place where people run to for fast treatment, with an available nurse the health issue is more likely to be sorted out without the need of being referred to a hospital.

3.  Hospitals – A nurse treats you first but when the condition becomes tough they refer you to a specialist doctor.

4.  Hospice facilities

5.  Care facilities

6.  Industries

7.  In Militaries – Militants work is to protect their country, it is more likely that they get injured while on duty hence the requirement of the services of a nurse.

8.  At their private homes – It is more likely that your neighbors run to you first incase of a health issue before they can go to hospital since they are aware that you are a nurse and can treat them.

9.  They can operate on pharmaceutical companies

10.  At a schools dispensary- Nurses are here as part time or full time to immediately take care of the children health issues while in school.

11.  In camps – incase people have gone for a long period to camp it is more likely that they are affected due to change in weather, with a nurse available they can enjoy their camping without fear of getting sick.

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